al’thalj (2022)
for piccolo, basset recorder, prepared harp, prepared cembalo and tambourines
Hajir (2022)
for alto flute, Eb clarinet, soprano saxophone, violin, viola, cello, prepared percussion, and electronics

Linghua mirror images (2021)
for Bb clarinet, accordion, and violoncello
Anamu alla al’hajiri al’natayi (2022)
for two sopranos, trumpet/conch shell and percussion
Third existence (2021)
for baritone saxophone, prepared glockenspiel, and prepared piano
点灯,消融入暗 Another self dissolves (2021)
for traditional sheng, pipa, and tam-tam
荷 Ó (2021)
for bass-baritone, accordion, prepared harp, prepared piano, and cardboard boxes
Meaningless bound forms (2021)
for string trio
Images for Xuefang (2020/21)
for bass flute, viola, and microtonal prepared piano
Grenze zu einem anderen Raum (2020)
for string quartet
Paper made from silk cocoons (2020)
for piccolo, bass clarinet, prepared harp, prepared xylophone

Ebb and flow (2019)
for two vocalising performers on nanpa and percussion
铁钉 An Iron Nail (2018)
for two percussionists and electronics
the impression remains (2017)
for traditional sheng, toy piano, and yangqin

I touched the ground while floating away (2015/16)
for pipa, alto/soprano saxophone, and yangqin