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荷 Ó

for bass baritone, accordion, prepared harp, prepared piano, and cardboard boxes

A multilayered transcription of the Chaozhou dialect poetry of Shenzhen poet Ruan Xuefang 阮雪芳


winter snow
poised on the tips of branches
washes clear the weary eyes of this world
words never spoken
lie static on the tip of the tongue

times past
left wisdom by the edge of the shore
a plain girl
retrieves spring water and a flower vase

misting rain falls to the ground without cease
a lotus leaf sways the round mirror in the sky
running through the dark swamp of the night
you, and them 
each have a lonely path to walk
—— silence 
has echoes too

Ruan Xuefang
Translation, Rachel C. Walker

Year of Composition



阮雪芳 Ruan Xuefang


June 2021
Plathnerstraße Kammermusiksaal
Hannover, DE

First Performers

刘颖昊 Liu Yinghao, bass-baritone/cardboard boxes
Anna-Katharina Schau, accordion
Anne Serger, harp/cardboard box
陈骏 Chen Jun, piano/cardboard box
杜雨轩 Du Yuxuan, conductor