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Grenze zu einem anderen Raum

for string quartet

Recording forthcoming soon

Grenze zu einem anderen Raum grew as an extension from my collaboration with Taiwanese Beiguan musicians Liu Yu-Hsiu and Li Chi-Chien. While immersing myself in the Guanhua recitation style used within Autumn Tsai’s text for「The space in between」,I began to disentangle the speech rhythms and transcribe their impulses across the medium of the string quartet. This was not an exercise in imitation, but, rather, served as a starting point for the re-examination of these linguistic traces within a distanced sonic environment.

The title is literal and metaphoric: after months trapped in a small room during the early months of the pandemic, I was given the chance to compose in the home of a retired doctor in Hannover. The lifting of boundaries between one’s physical space, and one’s abstract musical world, is all a matter of rotation.

With thanks to Herrn. Dr. Freienberg.

Year of Composition



October 2021
Die Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik

First Performers

Quartetto Maurice