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Ebb and flow

for two vocalising performers on nanpa 南琶 and percussion 铃鼓

Introduction by Autumn Tsai

The text is rooted in the companion of two pieces in the Nanyin repertoire: 自來生長 and 一紙相思. Two female characters from two different social statuses, while falling within a similar domestic image, experience unrequited love.

With the interplay of the two languages, mandarin and Nanyin text fragments from the original works, a sense of time is suggested. Yet, throughout the reinterpretation of the text, the boundaries between time and space are blurred.

Year of Composition



蔡昀庭 Autumn Tsai


September 2019
Shandong University, Qingdao, CN

First Performers

夏雨言 Xia Yuyan, nanpa/voice
张永韵 Zhang Yongyun, percussion/voice