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Third existence

for baritone saxophone, prepared glockenspiel, prepared piano

Year of Composition



December 17, 2021
Online premiere as part of NMTV

First Performers

Trio Abstrakt:
Salim Javaid, baritone saxophone
Shiau-Shiuan Hung, prepared glockenspiel
Marlies Debacker, prepared piano


Jeayoung Koh

I wrote this musical piece, inspired by a poem by the Chinese poet Ruan Xuefang entitled Third Existence. It is an attempt to create a world that harmonizes the poem’s rhythmic patterns and the impressions it left on me, while adding my own sensitivities.

To see a musical composition as an abstract work of art — which is from a different perspective than that provided by the author herself, lends a work new aesthetic connotations, and this is where the astonishment of art lies, since it refers to a meaning and yet does not reveal it. In this way, the recipient becomes a third party in the creative process.

Likewise, the experience of collaboration, which gives music new shades, leads us into a third existence that we have almost neglected.