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Forms of falling dust

for prepared yangqin and electronics

The electronics contain fragments from my ongoing collaboration with Beiguan musicians Liu Yu-Hsiu and Li Chi-Chien; yangqin samples recorded by Allen Otte; and recordings from my work with the Moog 55 Modular synthesizer at the fmsbw Elektronisches Studio. These were then further processed together in Csound.

Year of Composition

2017, acoustic version
2021, adjusted score with electronics


Acoustic version
April 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio

Adjusted score with electronics
August 2021
Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, Biloxi, Mississippi

First Performer

Allen Otte

Vocal Recordings within the Electronics

劉育秀 Liu Yu-Hsiu, voice
李季謙 Li Chi-Chien, voice