Concert in Lisbon

Xia YuYan 夏雨言 performed my recent pipa solo 空 in Lisbon last week at 21st CHIME (European Foundation for Chinese Music) Conference – Chinese Music as Cross Culture. Below is the poster and a picture of her performing with our friend Jiang Shaofeng 姜少峰 as part of their pipa and tap dance collaboration.

Photos from Qingdao

Xia YuYan and I presented a guest lecture recital yesterday at Shandong University. The audience was receptive and there was an interesting discussion after. Thanks to Professor Daniel Bell’s invitation and for Professor Wang Pei of Tsinghua University for her commentary on Chinese Philosophy following the performance.

Lecture Recital at Tsinghua University

Pipa player Xia YuYan and I presented a lecture recital today at Tsinghua University in Beijing. We discussed our collaborations over the past three years and the challenges of writing new music for Chinese instruments. YuYan performed two traditional pieces alongside my recent work, 空.