Podcasting with a toy piano

Two of the other Schwarzman Scholars in this year’s cohort, Micah Dane Petersen and Amos Wittenberg, have started a podcast named In two bags. I was invited onboard as a guest and spoke with Micah about my work with Chinese music and new piece for sheng, yangqin, and toy piano:


Conference, new works

The Guardian ran a nice preview article on the Women in the Creative Arts conference taking place at ANU in two weeks here.  Looking forward to exchanging ideas and listening to new music!

I recently finished up a new percussion solo for Yongyun Zhang (excerpt below) that she’ll be premiering in late November in Cincinnati.  Since then I’ve been putting down notes for a few new collaborations with sheng and recorder, respectively.

Rainforest thoughts 

I’m in Australia for two months before moving back to Beijing in late August. It’s been busy working on several new projects and a presentation I’ll be giving at ANU in Canberra next month, but lovely to meet new people, hear new music, and have the time and space to write.