Percussion Recordings

John Lane and Allen Otte recorded a few works of mine in May: Forms of falling dust for prepared yangqin and electronics, and a new version of 铁钉 An Iron Nail, now with electronics and amplified soundboard sculptures.

Here are some photos from John’s documentation:

And here are the videos:

New recordings // Solo works for percussion and harp

A few new recordings from the past two months…

Yongyun Zhang recorded a new performance of our 2017 drum and voice work 辜月 November Moon, which was included on the Women Composers Festival of Hartford’s 2021 Virtual Festival:

Harpist Anne Serger and I also had a recording session in February of the piece I wrote her this past fall, 没有梦的人在梦中走过 In / ohne Träume:

The space in between / Video + Interview

The Hannoversche Gesellschaft für Neue Musik published an interview with writer Autumn Tsai and myself about the project we undertook last year with Beiguan musicians Liu Yu-Hsiu and Li Chi-Chien of Ensemble Water-Stage in Taipei. The full transcript can be read here.

Video from the premiere in September on the opening concert of the 2020 Kuandu Arts Festival:

聲音與打擊樂,劉育秀 | Voice and Percussion, Liu Yu-Hsiu
聲音與彈撥,李季謙|Voice and Sanxian, Li Chi-Chien

Distance collaborations / Yangqin recording

I have been composing new works for Trio Recherche and Ensemble Temporum, as well as starting on a correspondence electronics project with Finnish composer/sound designer Johanna Sulalampi.

Germany has returned to a stricter lockdown, but I have been able to practice piano and compose at a local church a few days a week.

When things were more open, I was able to meet in Hannover with harpist Anne Serger to workshop the new solo for prepared harp I wrote for her.

For a while now, Allen Otte and I have been collaborating on new pieces with prepared yangqin. In the online exhibition Music as Image and Metaphor, you can hear a small contribution for yangqin and electronics. (Recording here).

XelmYa+ – points of return

Online concert tonight with XelmYa, including the EU premiere of the alto recorder solo I wrote for Sylvia:

Full program:

XelmYa+ – Freddi Börnchen, oboe & Sarah Saviet, violin & Sylvia Hinz, recorder

Scramble (1971) – Simone Forti (*1935, US)
Lágrimas de sol (2018) para oboe EUA – Melissa Vargas Franco (*1980, CO)
undone (2020)*** for violin solo UA – Soosan Lolavar (*1987, IR/UK)
Points of return (2018)** for alto recorder solo EUA – Rachel C. Walker (*1994, US)
decessio (2019)* – Jeanne Strieder (*1980, DE)

* for XelmYa+, ** for Sylvia Hinz, *** for Sarah Saviet

Beiguan rehearsal

A photo from the rehearsal earlier today with Liu Yu-Hsiu and Li Chi-Chien, who will premiere The space in between for two Beiguan musicians and electronics on the 23rd during the opening concert of the Kuandu Arts Festival.

Autumn wrote an introduction to her text and the piece here.

Live Concert

Pianist Humay Gasimzade gave an online concert last weekend:

The full program was:

Turkar Gasimzada: Dhikr for piano and live electronics (2016)
Ben Damann: The Baby Duck in You Has Died for piano and electronics (2020)
Ka Hei Cheng: The Engulfing Turbulence for piano and electronics (2020) – premiere
Julius Eastman: Piano II- 2nd movement (1986)
Rachel Walker: Fú’ōu (2016)
Brian Ferneyhough: Lemma Icon Epigram (1981)


I haven’t made an update for a little bit; here is some of what I’ve been wrapped up in the meantime.

I spent time this Spring finishing a work for Ensemble Adapter (for piccolo, bass clarinet, prepared harp, prepared xylophone)…

…and also a piece for two Beiguan 北管 musicians (voice/percussion, voice/sanxian) and electronics, which will premiere at the end of September in Taipei.

Both are with text from Autumn Tsai.

Beiguan brainstorm

I spent the day at the Sprengel Museum with Autumn, brainstorming over our new work for Beiguan ensemble and electronics which will premiere there in November of this year.