(2018) – 10.30′
for Xia Yuyan 夏雨言
A solo piece for pipa with voice (琵琶弹唱) with selected text from《心经》

辜月(2017) – 7′
for Yongyun Zhang 张永韵
A work for spoken voice and Chinese drum (扁鼓) with an embedded text from《山海经》

Fragrant mountain (2016) – 7-8′
for Jackie Stevens and Colleen Phelps
A work for soprano, guqin (古琴), and bass drum with a text by Kendall A.

Reverberations (2015) – 5′
for Becca and Ilya Finkelshteyn
A piece for soprano and cello from the poem by Kendall A.