[New work] (2018) – 6′
for Xia YuYan 夏雨言
A solo piece for pipa with voice (琵琶独奏/弹唱) with selected text from《心经》

Points of return (2018) – 6′
for Sylvia Hinz
for solo recorder

辜月(2017) – 7′
for Yongyun Zhang 张永韵
A work for spoken voice and Chinese drum (扁鼓) with an embedded text from《山海经》

Forms of falling dust (2017) – 4′
for Allen Otte | Appears as part of the Allen Otte Folio
A delicate work for prepared yangqin (扬琴)

Purification (2016) – 4′
for Colleen Phelps
A work for voice and desert percussion with a text by Kendall A.

浮沤 (2016) – 4′
Commissioned by Kristofer Rucinski for The Scriabin Response Project
A work for solo piano written as a companion piece to Scriabin’s Op. 8, No. 8

Cloud Prints (2015) – 5′
for Ivan Alexander Moscotta
A reflective piece for amplified clavichord with a live electronics component

For Summer Rain (2015) – 14′
for Xia YuYan 夏雨言
A varied, virtuosic work in one movement for solo pipa (琵琶)

Water Music (2015-16) – 9′
for Colleen Phelps
Three movements for singing percussionist (voice + wine glasses) with texts adapted from da Vinci’s notebooks: Perspective (2016), the center and cause of many circles… (2015), & Shadows (2016)