[New work] (2018) – 9′
for Eunsoo and Wei Wan 魏菀
A work for haegeum (奚琴) and guzheng (古筝)

[New work] (2018) – 5′
for Lauren McAllister and Carlos Camacho
A work for mezzo-soprano and Chinese drum (扁鼓). Text by Bo Seo.

In thin air (2017) – 11′
Commissioned by Zhang Weiliang for the Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra (中国竹笛乐团)
A work for eight antiphonal dizi (笛子)

the impression remains (2017) – 10′
Commissioned by Li Yifan 李怡凡
A work for sheng (笙), yangqin (扬琴), and toy piano (玩具钢琴)

On a paper nautilus (2017) – 13′
for Allen Otte
Edition for string quartet + percussion soloist

Spiraea (2016) – 15′
for Colleen Phelps and the Cincinnatus String Quartet
A delicate single-movement work for wooden percussion [marimba, branches, logs, wood fish (木鱼)] and string quartet

Painting Dew (2016) – 7-10′
for Brandon Wendt, Lauren McAllister, and Drew Dolan
A modular work for piano, percussion [snare drum, mbira, tuned metal pipes], and mezzo-soprano with text extracted from Kendall A.’s poem Dew Point

Fragrant mountain (2016) – 7-8′
for Jackie Stevens and Colleen Phelps
A work for soprano, guqin (古琴), and bass drum with a text by Kendall A.

Windows, willows (2016) – 11′
Commissioned with the support of The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County for the Wood/Silk Project: Colleen Phelps, marimba & Shenghua Dai, erhu
An interconnected, melodic work for erhu (二胡) and marimba

I touched the ground while floating away (2015) – 10′
Commissioned by Jia Wei Ng, Xia YuYan, and Jason Pockrus
A colorful, dramatic work for yangqin (扬琴), pipa (琵琶), and alto saxophone (doubling soprano) with an embedded poem by Kendall A.

Petal Point (2014) – 4′
Commissioned by Shakira Rae Adams for Performance and Time Arts
A short, playful work for cello and flugelhorn