铁钉 Video

Video from the premiere in April with percussionists Xinyi Zheng and Yongyun Zhang. Text from the poem by Zheng Xiaoqiong:

Recorder premiere

A few photos from Sylvia’s premiere of Points of return in Colombia last month during Festival Mujeres en la Música Nueva:

Window into Nanyin Instruments

I am back from a busy month in China, where I was carrying out research in preparation for upcoming works.

I spent time learning about Nanpa 南琶 from Xia Yuyan for a future piece…

…as well as with Wang Meng, learning more about Nanxiao 南箫 (pictured) and shakuhachi (尺八, 尺六):

I also spent a few days in Hangzhou researching Sanxian 三弦 for a separate project with Professor Chen Jingjing at the Zhejiang Conservatory:

An Iron Nail 铁钉

A few photos and the accompanying notes from the premiere of my recent work for two speaking percussionists, performed this past week by Yongyun Zhang & Xinyi Zheng:

In the furnace, she casts herself as an iron nail…

An Iron Nail 铁钉 explores the poetry of Zheng Xiaoqiong 郑小琼 (b. 1980), a former migrant worker who left Sichuan Province to enter the factories in Guangdong Province. At age twenty-one, she began to write about her experiences. Her poems offer a window into the lives of and conditions faced by factory workers.


When I visited Xiaoqiong in May 2018, she took me to Dongguan to listen to the sounds of the factories firsthand. Every factory sounds unique: a plastic factory, a hardware factory, an electronics factory…

“Little by little gathering rust,

Little by little swallowing her up…

This work is dedicated to Zhang Yongyun and to Zheng Xiaoqiong.
April 2019, Beijing.

CityBeat Feature on Parallels

Cincinnati CityBeat ran an article on Parallels. Read more here.

Jill Jantzen and the 4-Way Quartet will be premiering a new work of mine alongside four other pieces by composers with ties to Warsaw and Cincinnati.

(Score excerpt: My shadow forms a resonant shell, 2019).


Pianist Jill Jantzen & the 4-Way Quartet are premiering a new piece next month in Cincinnati as part of the concert series Salon 21.

The program will be repeated in Warsaw in March and features five premieres by Polish and American composers Aleksandra Chmielewska, Żaneta Rydzewska, Julia Seeholzer, Laura Harrison, and myself.