CityBeat Feature on Parallels

Cincinnati CityBeat ran an article on Parallels. Read more here.

Jill Jantzen and the 4-Way Quartet will be premiering a new work of mine alongside four other pieces by composers with ties to Warsaw and Cincinnati.

(Score excerpt: My shadow forms a resonant shell, 2019).


Pianist Jill Jantzen & the 4-Way Quartet are premiering a new piece next month in Cincinnati as part of the concert series Salon 21.

The program will be repeated in Warsaw in March and features five premieres by Polish and American composers Aleksandra Chmielewska, Żaneta Rydzewska, Julia Seeholzer, Laura Harrison, and myself.


Colleen Phelps led a masterclass on and performance of cicada song in November with students in the Nashville Symphony’s Accelerando Initiative:

NMB Series

NewMusicBox published a series of articles last month which speak some to my experiences as a composer in China.


The first article discusses my collaborations with pipa player Xia Yuyan 夏雨言 (For Summer Rain). The second details the new music initiatives of the Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra 中国竹笛乐团 (An Introduction to the Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra). Article 3 is about a weekend spent with poet Zheng Xiaoqiong 郑小琼 (Poetry and Community in Guangzhou). The final article discusses The Importance of Exchange and several Beijing composers who are active in creating it.