Rehearsing Ebb and flow

In Beijing for the month with percussionist Zhang Yongyun, pipa player Xia Yuyan, and writer & interdisciplinary artist Autumn Tsai for performances of my new work Ebb and flow.

A few images from rehearsal yesterday:


I visited Heidelberg last week to catch Xia Yuyan’s concert with Jiang Shaofeng at the opening of the CHIME Collection:

It was wonderful to see/hear them both in Germany and also to discuss with Yuyan drafts for our upcoming nanpa/percussion collaboration for September.

铁钉 Video

Video from the premiere in April with percussionists Xinyi Zheng and Yongyun Zhang. Text from the poem by Zheng Xiaoqiong:

Window into Nanyin Instruments

I am back from a busy month in China, where I was carrying out research in preparation for upcoming works.

I spent time learning about Nanpa 南琶 from Xia Yuyan for a future piece…

…as well as with Wang Meng, learning more about Nanxiao 南箫 (pictured) and shakuhachi (尺八, 尺六):

I also spent a few days in Hangzhou researching Sanxian 三弦 for a separate project with Professor Chen Jingjing at the Zhejiang Conservatory:

An Iron Nail 铁钉

A few photos and the accompanying notes from the premiere of my recent work for two speaking percussionists, performed this past week by Yongyun Zhang & Xinyi Zheng:

In the furnace, she casts herself as an iron nail…

An Iron Nail 铁钉 explores the poetry of Zheng Xiaoqiong 郑小琼 (b. 1980), a former migrant worker who left Sichuan Province to enter the factories in Guangdong Province. At age twenty-one, she began to write about her experiences. Her poems offer a window into the lives of and conditions faced by factory workers.


When I visited Xiaoqiong in May 2018, she took me to Dongguan to listen to the sounds of the factories firsthand. Every factory sounds unique: a plastic factory, a hardware factory, an electronics factory…

“Little by little gathering rust,

Little by little swallowing her up…

This work is dedicated to Zhang Yongyun and to Zheng Xiaoqiong.
April 2019, Beijing.