Photos from Qingdao

Xia YuYan and I presented a guest lecture recital yesterday at Shandong University. The audience was receptive and there was an interesting discussion after. Thanks to Professor Daniel Bell’s invitation and for Professor Wang Pei of Tsinghua University for her commentary on Chinese Philosophy following the performance.

Lecture Recital at Tsinghua University

Pipa player Xia YuYan and I presented a lecture recital today at Tsinghua University in Beijing. We discussed our collaborations over the past three years and the challenges of writing new music for Chinese instruments. YuYan performed two traditional pieces alongside my recent work, 空.

January Update

I spent the fall meeting with friends to learn more about dizi (笛子), haegeum (奚琴), pipa (琵琶), and sheng (笙), and to go over recent & future pieces. In December, I finished a work for the Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra, and I have been busy since then on one for recorder player Sylvia Hinz.

Cincinnati Soundbox presented a joint concert with new music ensemble All of the Above in November that I co-curated with composer Laura Harrison, and has several concerts planned for the spring.

There is a new piece for haegeum (奚琴) and guzheng (古筝) to be written over the Chinese New Year…

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…and a short piece for Xia YuYan, who will premiere it at the CHIME Conference this May in Lisbon.