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辜月 November Moon

for Chinese drum and spoken voice


辜月 November Moon was composed for percussionist Yongyun Zhang in 2017. We selected a text together from 山海经 (Shan hai jingClassics of Mountains and Seas), a collection of fragmented myths on geography, folklore, and magic from the ancient world. The lines that captured my imagination most were those about Chang Xi, wife of the emperor, who waded in the water while bathing the moons, who are her children. The title is a slight play on words between 鼓乐 (gu yue — drum music) and 辜月 (gu yue — a type of moon occurring in late November, around the time of the work’s premiere).

October 2017, Beijing

Year of Composition



Fragment from 《山海经》


November 2017
Cincinnati, OH

First Performer

张永韵 Zhang Yongyun