January Update

I spent the fall meeting with friends to learn more about dizi (笛子), haegeum (奚琴), pipa (琵琶), and sheng (笙), and to go over recent & future pieces. In December, I finished a work for the Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra, and I have been busy since then on one for recorder player Sylvia Hinz.

Cincinnati Soundbox presented a joint concert with new music ensemble All of the Above in November that I co-curated with composer Laura Harrison, and has several concerts planned for the spring.

There is a new piece for haegeum (奚琴) and guzheng (古筝) to be written over the Chinese New Year…

63DBFDCC-FC17-482A-B1E7-76AB9D2DF75C-206-000000AC599FA030_tmp 2.jpg

…and a short piece for Xia YuYan, who will premiere it at the CHIME Conference this May in Lisbon.