Fusion Ver. 2

In February, I performed in the premiere of Huijuan Ling‘s piece Fusion Ver. 2 (2016) along with Shenghua Dai, erhu, and percussionist Chris Lennard on glockenspiel.  The video from the concert is on Youtube now.

Here are her program notes:

Fusion Ver. 1 is a pure fixed media piece, while Ver. 2 supplements the electronics with any pitched instrument(s). The arrangement can vary from a solo instrument to a chamber orchestra. The fixed media part itself is musique concrète. The inspiration for this part comes from the sound of fire burning and water running—and the effort to try to mix them together. The acoustic part is an extraction from the electronic part. It draws the outline of pitches that have already been established in the fixed media part, then develops based on it while leaving room for instrumentalists to improvise based on the provided materials.