Summer in Cincinnati

The past few weeks have been a mix of composing, reading, researching, writing, and then studying Chinese in every waking moment…

I finished a short new work for solo piano in June and am currently working on a new piece for solo percussion and string quartet for Colleen Phelps & the Cincinnatus Quartet. I spent two days in June hunting down a wood fish (木鱼儿) around various temples in Beijing and am putting it to good use.

Also, I’m performing at the Contemporary Arts Center on the 29th with librettist Kendall A. She’ll be reading a new narrative in response to the CAC’s excellent Do Ho Suh exhibit with guqin and dance accompaniment.  (I’m the guqin portion, thankfully).

Ending with an aphorism I adore from John McDonald:

To be adequately simple, one must be fully aware, thinking and feeling everything experienced and imagined insofar as one is capable.