Travels, Updates

I’m traveling a good bit this summer.  As I write this, I’m currently in Southern California. From here, I’ll be spending a few weeks in May/June in Beijing thanks to a grant allowing me to attend the rehearsals and premiere of my new work for pipa (琵琶), saxophone, and yangqin (扬琴) by Jia Wei Ng, Xia YuYan, and Jason Pockrus. After that, I’ll be in Boston and Nashville (where Colleen Phelps is performing the piece I wrote her a few times at the end of June), and finally back in Cincinnati. I’ll make a quick trip to Boston again in August, where I’ll be presenting a lecture at Harvard August 17/18 as part of a conference on contemporary Chinese composers.

A little busy with composing projects this summer – I’ve been commissioned by pianist Kris Rucinski to write a new solo piano piece in response to Scriabin’s Opus 8, No.8 for The Scriabin Response Project. Other than that, I’m working on new pieces for the Cincinnatus String Quartet, sheng (笙) virtuoso Li YiFan, as well as a new work for guqin (古琴), soprano, and percussion to perform with soprano Jackie Stevens and Colleen Phelps in the fall.