Obscure Instruments Abound

Wine glasses, clavichord, pipa (琵琶), yangqin (扬琴)…

Percussionist Colleen Phelps has been working on my new piece for singing percussionist, Water Music, for her upcoming recital of works inspired by visual art in a few weeks.  Here’s a recent picture from her blog.

Before school starts in a few days, I am putting the final touches on some clavichord music for Ivan to open and close the recital we’ve put together for this coming October 19th in Cincinnati.  Along with two premieres of Ivan’s TBA, the program will include my Vocalise, as performed by him and Mezzo-soprano Lauren McAllister.

I’ve had a flurry of pipa (琵琶) rehearsals as of late and am also sketching out my fall projects.  I’ll be starting a composition for violin and piano for Elizabeth Wareham shortly, to be premiered on her recital this winter and then reprised in May on the final Cincinnati Soundbox concert of the season.  After that, new works are in order for Jia Wei Ng and Li Lian.