The next two weeks will be spent tidying up scores and finalizing my most recent pieces, new works for Mezzo-Soprano Paulina Villarreal and percussionist/vocalist Colleen Phelps. I’m very excited about these, and also for all of the upcoming pieces on the schedule for next season- a new work for violin and piano for violinist Elizabeth Wareham’s senior recital; a piano solo for longtime collaborator Kristofer Rucinski, as well as one for pianist Lian Li; a collaborative project for Soprano Becca Finkelshteyn with my librettist, Kendall A., and composer Ivan Alexander Moscotta; and a new work for the piano duo of Kristofer Rucinski and Brandon Wendt.

Additionally,  I will be spending the next ten months at the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing, where I will study with Professor Gao Weijie (高为杰) and continue to learn about traditional Chinese music.